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Winter fairytale

Winter fairytale

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- Honey layers Vienna style with mascarpone and apricot jam - honey and butter sponge cake layers, apricot jam, toasted almonds, milk cream with mascarpone and ricotta and milk chocolate glaze

- Carrot cake - carrot sponge layers with walnuts, raisins and cinnamon, sour cream with orange flavor and white chocolate glaze

- Noir cake - cocoa brownies layers with coffee, cheese mousse with blueberries, chocolate topping and mirror chocolate glaze

- Red velvet - red sponge cake layers, strawberry syrup with rum, cheese cream with sour cream

- Biscuit cake with Gianduja cream, mascarpone and blueberries - cocoa biscuits, milk-egg cream with mascarpone and Gianduja and blueberry cream

- Provencal biscuit cake - cocoa and butter biscuits, milk cream with soft cheese, mascarpone with Nutella chocolate, orange cream and raisins

- Choco mousse - cocoa sponge cake layers with natural chocolate mousse and espresso syrup with rum

- Vanilla cake with strawberries - vanilla sponge cake layers, milk cream with white chocolate, milk topping and strawberry confit

- Brulee Cream with caramel and blueberries - vanilla sponge cake layers, honey-caramel crunch, caramel topping, Brulee Cream and blueberry confit

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